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RUFFLES Deep Ridged Classic Hot Wings Flavored Potato Chips

Buffalo Wild Wing Inspired Chips that Satisfy but don’t Excite. I’m always on the look out for new chips at the grocery store, at the gas station, or any other random end cap that might have a tasty bag-o-chips of my liking. I’m also a sucker for the word “New” and “Limited”. I’m like a damn moth to a flame. If the flavor sounds remotely delicious I’ll more than likely scoop up a bag. So when I was at the local Pick N Save and the shiny NEW bag of RUFFLES Deep Ridged Classic Hot Wings Flavored Potato Chips caught the corner of my eye, instinct kicked in and I had almost no choice. Here’s the story from Fritolay:...

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Knucklehead Pub & Grub – Wing Review

These perfectly cooked wings make the drive to Knucklehead Pub & Grub in Eagle a worthwhile trip! The great thing about Milwaukee Wingfest is getting to try so many great wings in one place. The problem with working Milwaukee Wingfest is you don’t get to sit and savor all these great wings. It does however give us an opportunity to talk to the restaurant owners about their wings and at least get a taste of what they offer. The owner of Knucklehead Pub & Grub, Scott, had been asking us to come try his wings for well over a year by the time we finally got out there. Since the majority of the gang lives in the Milwaukee area...

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Brewski’s Sports Club – Wing Review

The wings at Brewski’s Sports Club proves once again that West Allis is the hot spot for awesome wings in Milwaukee! EDIT:  It’s been brought to my attention that Brewski’s is not actually in West Allis. I live right in the area and unfortuntely just assumed it was. So even though Brewski’s isn’t directly helping my case of West Allis being the wing hub of Milwaukee, it’s close enough to the rest of the West Allis wing joints that it still helps out the West side of Milwaukee as a whole. I’ve mentioned in past reviews and on our Facebook page that it is my opinion that West Allis is the chicken wing capitol of the Milwaukee area. Between...

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Abdominal and The Obliques – A Brief History of the Chicken Wing

What do you get when you combine the love of music, an obsession over chicken wings, and an empty stomach? I’m pretty sure you get Abdominal and The Obliques – A Brief History of the Chicken Wing! Rapper Abdominal out of Toronto Canada has a serious obsession over chicken wings. So much so that he was compelled enough to make an entire, amazing song all about everyone’s favorite appetizer and/or meal. Off of the Album Sitting Music in collaboration with duo The Obliques, the song A Breif History of the Chicken Wing cleverly walks you through the now famous story of how the owner of the Anchor Bar in Buffalo New York came up with the recipe, essentially out of...

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Wingfest Milwaukee 2013 Video

Here is the full HD video from Wingfest Milwaukee 2013! Our editors were hard at work to bring you the video from Wingfest Milwaukee 2013. Take a look at the video below in all it’s HD...

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Wingfest Milwaukee 2013 Photo Gallery

Here’s the photo gallery for Wingfest Milwaukee 2013 in all it’s digital glory. Thanks for another great Wingfest Milwaukee! Again, a thanks to all of the bars and restaurants that competed for Best Wings in the City, the folks that make this great event happen, and all of the attendees who came out and devoured wings and drank beer like only Milwaukee can. Next year is already in the works and we look forward to a bigger and better event! Oh, and the video is also on it’s way so make sue to check back soon! For now enjoy the nearly 100 Wingfest Milwaukee 2013 photos taken by Jamie Gellingsmedia at the event.  ...

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Lucky’s Irish Pub and Grill – Wing Review

Lucky’s on Layton has $.50 wings every day of the week. Is this just a good deal on killer wings, or just a deal? Doing Wingfest is definitely a benefit to the wing places out there as far as we’re concerned. For one, it gets you in front of us and pretty much moves you up our list of places we want to review. But getting us there is only half the battle. So a few weeks ago we decided to go out and do a wing review and we decided we wanted to go to a place that A) Participated in Wingfest, and B) Was somewhere in the Milwaukee area. After much discussion we decided on Lucky’s On...

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Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe

aWingThing’s Ultimate version of the famous Buffalo Chicken Dip. Made with fresh chicken breast and Frank’s Original Hot, you’ll be making this recipe over and over again! A few years ago I had Buffalo Chicken Dip for the first time at a friends house during a Packers game. While that version of the dip wasn’t the best I knew it could be really good when done right. The main issue I had the Buffalo Chicken Dip I sampled was the person said she used canned chicken. Ewwww. Gross. I’m a foodie through and through. There’s no way I’d ever make a recipe using canned chicken. So after looking up some recipes online and trying a few out, taking notes,...

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