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The group is heading up to Sheboygen WI Saturday night to try out Legend Larry’s. According to their website they won 3 awards at the Buffalo Wing Festival in Buffalo, NY. 1st place Extra Hot, 1st place Hot, and 2nd place Medium. I’m personally looking forward to their hot and spicy garlic. I want to see how they compare to BW3’s.


We headed up to Legend Larry’s around 4:30 Sat afternoon. It’s about a 45 min drive from Milwaukee, and was really easy to find. It’s a nice smaller place but easily noticeable by the large sign on the building . There’s smoking on the main floor and then non smoking down stairs. The place was pretty packed and we were lucky to even get two tables to put together for us all to sit at. The place stayed packed the whole night, which wasn’t a surprise.

You don’t get a waiter so you have to go up to the bar and order your wings and drinks yourself. Not really a big deal. On your table you get a slip to fill out to order your wings. You mark down how many wings you wan, what sauces and how much of each sauce, and what appetizers et etc. We decided to start with 100 wings and for $52 I thought the price was pretty damn good too considering it wasn’t a specific “wing night” where they have specials.

We all got a round of beer and were on our second when the wings came. They did take a little while to get but none of us were in a hurry and, again the place was packed, so no one really noticed too much.

At one point a regular patron of the place played an Arnold Swartzenager work out song on the juke box. This thing had me rolling with Arnold doing the whole workout counting thing. I couldn’t stop laughing at it. It also seemed like it was about 10 min long which made it even more funny to me.

The wings came out in batches and we all dug right in. I don’t remember the exact amounts we ordered of each sauce but we got like 30 Medium, 20 Hot, 20 Hot Garlic, 10 Mango, 10 Scary Larry’s and 10 DOA’s. We wanted to try the range of flavors kinda steering clear of the BBQ flavors.

The quality of the wings were on point! The texture of the skin was just the right amount of crispy. The size of the wing was also very good. Not the biggest we’ve ever had, but definitely not small. The sauce to wing ratio (as I like to call it) was just right for me.

My personal favorite sauce was the Hot. Just a traditional Hot Buffalo sauce with just the right amount of heat. The medium was also really good. There were quit a few surprises to be had. First, the DOA, which is the hottest sauce LL’s has, was mighty tasty. It wasn’t just  blazin hot sauce that tasted like crap. We all agreed that the flavor was great, but they were, of course, really really hot. They kinda creep up on ya. Another surprise was the Mango flavor wings were also very yummy. They had only a smidgen of heat and the flavor was mild, but they were quit pleasing. They made a nice “in-between” wing. Between the DOA’s and the mediums. The biggest disappointment, and I think we all kind of agreed on this, was the Hot Garlic. BW3’s Spicy Garlic is probably my favorite sauce in the world and I was really hoping LL’s version would trump my old stand-by. Unfortunately it wasn’t a traditional Buffalo flavor sauce. It was more red and the flavor profile was more of a BBQ sauce. :( I was mildly disappointed to say the least. NOT that it was a bad tasting sauce. It just wasn’t what I expected. I’m not a big fan of BBQ flavor sauces on wings. Although I do lo’me some BBQ.

Over-all I give (and I’m pretty sure everyone agreed) Legendary Larry’s two thumbs up. I liked the atmosphere,the quality of the wings and sauces, and the price was just right. It’s almost a good thing this place is almost an hour away from me because I’d definitely become a regular if it was close by.

  • Dan Wingreaper Hayes

    It was a very good trip. Had a good time just driving up to the place and eating some good wings made it even better. I do agree on the Hot garlic. The first few wings were somewhat garlicy but after that they turned to bbq which was a definite turnoff. Id have to see the DOA was one of the best “EXTRA HOT” wings I’ve ever had. Most hot wings I cant eat any more after that but the DOA had me coming back for more. The “Scary Larry” sauce was just nasty. Didn’t have a good flavor and as was agreed among us was too ” Tabasco flavored”. Medium was a good heat and was a good in between wing to go along with all the other wings.

    In the end my favorite would have had to have been the Hot. Great flavor, great heat, and just GOOD. Beer prices were very good and the overall tab was awesome seeing as we got 100 wings and 4 rounds of beer per person (I think) all for 100 bucks. Great atmosphere, was a pleasant trip.

    We will be attending Legend Larry’s again.

  • Dave “King Wing’a’Ling” Lorino

    My favorite wing would have to be the Medium. The sauce was awesome and had a lot of flavor. The amount of heat and “sauce to wing ratio” (as coined by Mel) was on point for me. The Caribbean Mango would have to be my second fav. The sweetness wasn’t overpowering at all. Almost felt like a desert type of wing if there is such a thing. I agree with everyone when they say the HOT had great flavor and the right amount of heat. But personally it wouldnit be my number one choice. Hot Garlic was a disappointment. I really didn’t sense a garlicy flavor. More like a mild/sweet bbq in my opinion. I like to taste the garlic in a garlic flavored wing. The DOA was surprisingly good with good heat. Again, wouldn’t be my first choice in sauce when I go back. All in all, Legend Larry’s rocks. The price for what we got was very reasonable. Super nice wait staff and patrons. The waiter even put on The 24hours Of Daytona for us when we asked which I think rocked.

  • Jeff Sherman

    These wings are great! You have to give the Hot Garlic another try. It sounds like you guys got them mixed up with the BBQ or something. They easily trump BW3’s IMO. Cool site!

  • Mel ‘Boneyard’ Russell

    Thanks Jeff!

    I really don’t think we got them mixed up. We were all looking forward to those probably the most so we ordered 30 of’em I think. They were in the first batch they brought out. And it was the first one we all tried. I think the problem was that we were all expecting it to have a traditional Buffalo flavor, which it didn’t. We like different types of sauces, but in this case it just wasn’t what we were expecting and threw us off. But, if you insist I will give them another try next time we’re at Bougey’s.