Bougeys Bar & Grill Brookfield, WI. Legend Larry’s Sauces.

Bougeys Bar & Grill Brookfield, WI. Legend Larry’s Sauces.

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When I first found out about Legend Larry’s I checked out their website and saw that there is a Bar right near us in Brookfield that is an official Legend Larry’s wing joint. So fresh off the heels of our trip to Legend Larry’s in Sheboygen we made a stop at Bougeys In Brookfield on Sat night.

First off I’d like to say we had a blast at this place from the word go. But lets focus on the wings first.

Just as advertised they had all the authentic LL’s sauces available. Something worth noting is that their price on 100 wings was actually $2 cheaper then LL’s itself. Which is just fine with us considering Bougeys is right in our backyard. They had a “specials” board indicating they have .40 cent wings during Badger games and lucky us, there just happened to be a Badger hockey game on.

Knowing what sauces I liked most from LL’s I ordered 6 Hot and 6 Medium. As good as the DOA’s were I spared myself the pain for the evening. Adam got the same but ordered 6 Scary Larry’s on top of it. I don’t recall exactly what our friends Jer and Jeanna ordered but I know she got a BBQ flavor and she said it was actually kind of spicy. BBQ flavors still don’t do it for me.


I personally thought the wings were just as good as they were at LL’s. The crispiness was about the same. Maybe a tad less crispy but just slightly. The one thing I personally liked was that they put on a lot of sauce! I love my wings saucy and they were much saucier at Bougeys then they were at LL’s. They scored some extra points from me there. 20 Napkins later…

The bar itself was also quit nice. The kicker was that they have .50 cent pool! I can’t think of a single place anymore that has pool that cheap. We ended up staying later then expected, met some new people, and I chatted with the owner for a few min as well as introduced myself to his fiance.


Over-all the experience was great. I’m a fan of small “corner bars” with good food and this place fit the bill. If I want LL’s sauce this is the place I’ll go. It’s close, the prices were good (better then LL’s in fact), and the people were great. There was only one hitch with the night. I brought my camera but forgot the battery in the charger. So I only have poor quality cell phone pics of the night. :(

The Numbers:

Atmosphere: 9 Nice people, and cheap pool. Can’t beat that.

Service: 9 You have to order your wings at the bar, but the bartenders will bring them out to you. The Bartenders were on the ball all night as well.

Sauces: 8 Just as good as Legend Larry’s so definitely a crowd pleaser.

Wing Doneness: 8. Just right.

Sauce to Wing Ratio: High! Saucier then Legend Larry’s. Huge bonus.

Over-All Score: 8.5. We will definitely be back.


  • Calvin

    I actually don’t like a lot of sauce. I like good tasting chicken with a bit of sauce on it with a side of ranch or bleu cheese.

  • Mel ‘Boneyard’ Russell

    I don’t eat the Bleu Cheese or Ranch personally. It cuts down on the heat, and changes the flavor too much for me. The Mo’ Sauce the Better. :)

  • Dan Olson

    Good to see someone else appreciates the wings and service. 😀

  • Mel ‘Boneyard’ Russell

    As a matter of fact one of the guys I was with on Sat came back in yesterday and said the wings were awesome. Better then Sat even. He said Bougeys might be his favorite wing place now.

  • Dan Wingreaper Hayes

    So last night was my first chance to try Bougey’s and was I IMPRESSED! Wings were great, service was great and was just an all around great time. Made it worth it to drive in the crap last night. Wing to sauce ratio was perfect, size of the wings were perfect and the taste was better then perfect. As stated above when talking with a buddy of ours he said Magoo’s was his favorite wing but after having Bougey’s on a empty stomach he was really able to appreciate the taste and flavor of the wings. I will be back and I think I found my new favorite wing place. I even thought that the wings tasted better then they did at Legend Larry’s.

    2 THUMBS UP!

  • Dave “King Wing’a’Ling” Lorino

    Bougeys is my new favorite wing joint. The wings were perfection. LOVE the Honey BBQ. Service was excellent. I wish I could have stayed longer but the foot of snow was calling for my plow to come push it around.

  • Mel ‘Boneyard’ Russell

    Another great night at Bougey’s last night. Wings were great as usual and the staff was friendly. Can’t say enough about this place.

  • Dan Wingreaper Hayes’s Dad

    Dan took me to Bougey’s for lunch the other day. After going there, I can honestly say they were the best wings I have had. Very Nice Staff. Great corner bar atmosphere. Will go again.

  • Robbie the Long Wingman

    So glad to find this … didn’t realize Legend Larry’s are in Milwaukee area now (I live under a rock apparenty) — Go Wings Go! Getting some for a 4th of July party today. mmmmm … sauce.