Points East- Best wings in Milwaukee?

Points East- Best wings in Milwaukee?

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That’s what their website claims. OnMilwaukee.Com named them Best Editors Choice in a challenge against BW3’s. Now I love BW3’s, but I normally don’t like to even think about comparing a local place that cares as much about their wings and clients to a chain lik BW3’s. it’s just a different animal. But that’s a different story.

The day before Memorial Day I got a pretty big group together to go put Points East to the test. Most of the regulars made it, like Dave, Jer,  Collin and myself. But we had a few new people joining us including our buddy Bama (James) who was in town visiting us, and the human wing disposal machine Curtis and his friend. These guys can eat some wings. So we had all kinds of experienced wing eaters to see what we thought.

The bar itself is really nice. It had a cool small bar atmosphere but is actually pretty large.  There was plenty of room for us to all sit together. Like a lot of bars that serve wings there’s no waitress to take your order, you just go up to the bar, order your drinks and food and then they bring it out. Points East only has one flavor of wing which makes it easy. We all decided to order separately so we made our way up to the bar in small groups and placed our order.

Good things come to those who wait. That should be written on the wall somewhere here. The owner told me I should have called ahead to let him know we were coming (now I know) because the wings take a while.Luckily non of us were in a hurry.  He can only fit 80 wings on the grill at one time and they take 25 minutes. We all got our wings though and boy were they were worth the wait.

So, like their website says these are not Buffalo Wings but Hot Wings. They aren’t deep fried and tossed in a spicy vinagery sauce. They are are grilled dry wings. From what I could tell they may have been marinated. I did watch him put a handful of wings in a big clear container of sauce and toss them around before they went on the grill. That is where the flavor is coming from, the secret bucket o sauce. The real reason these wings shine though is how they are cooked. They are truly cooked to perfection and I say that whole-heartedly. There’s nothing worse then a soggy wing. These are the opposite of the worst cooked wings you’ve ever had. The crispyness of the skin is out fo this world delicious.  I can honestly say I was in love on the first bite. And even though there was only one flavor I didn’t get tired of the flavor. As much as I love wings I typically don’t “throw down” like some people and I usually have between 6-12. I ate at least 20 at Points East. A few people ordered too many and I was more then happy to eat what they had left. We all loved the wings. Some more then others. Collin in particular said he still preferred a saucy wing, and I would say that I still do as well, but Points East wings are an absolute exception. The owner was real cool and we will all be back. In fact I got a text today from Dave saying he took a couple guys there the other day. I’m not exactly sure how many wings we ordered, but my guess would be a couple hundred between all of us. And every last one was gone.

So are they the best wings in Milwaukee? I’d have to say YES. Maybe they could be improved with a sauce, but really if it ain’t broke…


  • James (a.k.a. Bama) has to agree. I eat a lot of wings (well not volume wise anymore) and I will say that Points East will get some of my money every time I come back to Milwaukee. I would have to agree wholeheartedly that Points East has every right to call their wings the best in Milwaukee. Thanks for the great food and the good time.

  • Dave “King Wing’a’Ling” Lorino

    “Best Wings in Milwaukee”…. so far :)

  • Matt

    I knew you guys would like them. personally i definitly like the dry better than the saucy wing. the thing i like the best about them is the spicyness stays with you throughout.

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  • Jan

    Just came across this article and I have to agree these are the BEST wings in Milwaukee. I’ve gone here for many many years and they still are the best. I do have to correct you on one thing. They DO deep fry their wings before putting them into the sauce than onto the grill. Guess you’ll have to watch closer next time. :) My husband and I do this same procedure at home and we have the steps down just right and taste very close to Points East wings.

  • Mel ‘Boneyard’ Russell

    Hi Jan

    Ok so they fry them, then sauce them, then grill them? Very good to know. Obviously the technique is awesome. I’ve yet to attempt it at home but I’ve been meaning to.

    Thanks for the tip!

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