BW3’s Blazin Wing Challenge

BW3’s Blazin Wing Challenge

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I’ve wanted to do the Blazin wing challenge for a long time. I’ve had the Blazin wings from time to time, so I knew how painfully hot they are. I also knew that the challenge for me wasn’t going to be the heat from the sauce itself, but rather the amount of time you have; 12 wings in 6 min. 30 Seconds a wing.

A brief history about how I eat wings. I don’t eat a lot of wings when we go out. Even if they are the best wings in the whole wide world, I’ll usually only get 6-10 wings depending on the number you have to order. A few friends give me sh*t about it, but I honestly just don’t like to eat too much of the same thing. Even with ordering different sauces, I get tired of it.

So 12 wings for me is already more then I normally eat. But this is supposed to be a challenge right?

After arriving at BW3’s to meet up with Nick and his friends & family for his birthday I ordered up 6 Spicy Garlic wings(still my all time favorite sauce), and a tall Miller Lite. Shortly after someone suggested Nick and I do the Blazin Wing Challenge. Well that caught on like wildfire and a minute later everyone was egging us on to do it. Damn peer pressure. Obviously we were both very reluctant. I finally caved when Steph said she’d buy if I did it. Well me being the cheap guy I am, I couldn’t pass up free wings. Even if they meant the next day was going to be ruined.

Worst part was I canceled my order of Spicy Garlic wings. :(

Watch the video for all the hilarity that ensued

The results? Nick completed the challenge in like 4 min…and I failed. Nick had time to spare. Hell, he could have eaten the rest of mine and helped me out. My problem, just as I suspected, was eating that many wings in that amount of time. Yes, it was scorching hot.  My eyes were poring, my nose was leaking like an off shore oil well, and I was sweating like pig. But really it came down to the fact that I just can’t eat food fast. If I had a few more minutes it wouldn’t have been a problem at all. I ended up leaving two on the table.

Oh well.

Surprisingly they let me buy a T-Shirt for trying. Enjoy the vid.