Johnny Hammers – West Allis, WI

Johnny Hammers – West Allis, WI

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Johnny Hammer’s could possibly have the best wings in West Allis!

A few months ago we decided to try out Johnny Hammers in West Allis thanks to a tip from one of our helpful fans on Facebook. And thankful we are.
Magoo’s has been one of the top wing spots for everyone in the gang for a long time, but now Johnny Hammers is right up there with Magoo’s. The outside of Johnny Hammers looks like any one of the countless old neighborhood West Allis bars. The inside has the same feel as the outside; traditional West Allis bar. In all honesty I don’t think any of us were expecting a lot. Maybe some decent wings that, some beer, some pool, and we’d be on our way. I did check out their website before hand though and was quite impressed with the quality of the site for such a small place.

The gentleman at the bar greeted us immediately and promptly served us up some cold beer and menus to take a look at. The menu and website says “two-time Sticky Fingers champion, Johnny Hammers’ wings are as saucy and spicy as you like’ em. Our secret ingredient? FRANK’S REDHOT® Hot Sauce.”. The variety of wings though was what really caught us off guard. They offer Breaded Wings, and traditional Messy Wings, but the kicker here is that you can get either style grilled upon request. That was intriguing because some our our favorite wings are fried first and then grilled, so we know the combination is a winner.The Breaded wings are available regular or spicy and an option of having Franks Redhot poured over the top. The Messy wings are available in Buffalo, Regular, Extra Hot, BBQ, Teriyaki Glaze, Spicy BBQ, and Spicy BBQ. That is a good amount of different sauces for a small bar. Last, the price of admission is 12 wings for $8.00 or 6 for $4.75 with one sauce included. However their wing night is Thursday and they have $.35 wings.

The gang this time consisted of myself (Mel), Dave, Dan, and our friend Heman. We each decided to order two sauces. I ordered Buffalo, and Extra Hot grilled. Heman ordered Extra Hot, and Buffalo. Dan ordered the spicy Breaded and Hammers BBQ. Dave topped us off by ordering the Teriyaki Glaze, and Spicy BBQ.

The wings came out in a timely manner giving us enough time to soak in the atmosphere and finish off a couple beers. The size of the wings were  just slightly larger then average. Just right in my opinion. Like I’ve said before, I don’t care for giant wings. Right off the bat, these wings looked delicious. I’ve had wings that I knew were not going to be good the second they landed in front of me, but you could see that the amount of sauce was right and there was thought put into them.

First the only real let-down was the Teriyaki Glaze. Dave didn’t think they were bad, but there wasn’t anything special about them. The best way to describe them would just be generic. Dave’s Spicy BBQ were just ok as well. They weren’t that spicy and again, just a basic bbq flavor. He felt they would have better if they were grilled. That’s it for disappointment.

The two stand outs were the Extra Hot Grilled Wings, and the Spicy Breaded. I’ll start with the breaded as there aren’t too many places that do a good breaded wing. These were phenomenal. The breading was crispy, and spicy, and the perfect thickness. They almost had a KFC flavor to them but better, and minus the mass produced preservative extra flavors. These are a must have at Johnny Hammers.  Next up is the Extra Hot Grilled wings. These were by far my favorite wing there. I mean the sauce was nice and hot, but not killer. The grilling adds an extra layer of flavor that you just don’t get when frying alone. Unlike some places that grill’em the wing wasn’t even close to being dried out, inside or out. Compared to the non-grilled version (that Heman ordered) these were leaps and bounds better, and those were damn good wings in their own right. The grilling though just puts these over the top. The bit through the skin is perfect. Everyone had one and all agreed they were exceptional. These wings ALONE puts Johnny Hammers in my top 5 wings places in the area.

To top it all off they have 2 tables with FREE POOL all day, every day. Seriously, this place can’t get much better.

West Allis is a hot spot for good wings. The Dirty really knows how to make some of the best wings in the area. If you are in ‘Stallis I highly recommend stopping in, having some of the best wings you’ll put in your mouth, shooting some free pool, and having a couple beers.