All You Can Eat Wings at BW3’s! Say whaaaat!

All You Can Eat Wings at BW3’s! Say whaaaat!

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That’s right folks, not you can go to BW3’s and eat yourself into a coma! Woot!

Monday – Friday from 11am-2pm you can get all the wings you can eat for just $9.99 for traditional and $10.99 for boneless. That is actually a pretty rad deal considering 6 traditional wings are unusually $6.49 (don’t quote me).  One of my super secret wing spies (actually it was Zak the guy who shoots and edits our videos) shot this exclusive picture! I confirmed this is true with one of my inside guys at Buffalo Wild Wings (A friend who’s a waiter). I can’t confirm if this is every BW3’s across the country or just here in WI.

all you can eat wings at bw3's

I like how they have “fries included”…Don’t be fooled folks, they aren’t doing you any favors here. Fries are cheap and nothing more than a filler! Ok, so is beer, but you don’t get hammered off of fries. Don’t fall or it. Just tell them to keep the wings coming and they can keep their “fries included” filler fries. Unfortunately, the pic cuts off all the details but you can see it says that you can’t share, which is expected.

I think this is a smart move for the franchise. Quaker Steak & Lube has all you can eat wings on Tuesdays, but having it Monday-Fri is pretty cool. I wish it was later in the day, but I get why they stop it at 2.

So go hit up BW3’s and get the all you can eat wings and maybe try to eat wings with every sauce on the menu in one sitting. We dare you!

Do you think that’s a good deal? Should they have it go later then 2pm? Are you in your car already on your way there?

  • Nathan

    Quaker Steak also has an AYCE buffet monday – friday. However, the variety of wings are limited.

  • Guest

    totally trying this tomorrow, even took off of work for it (work mon-fri). looking forward to it

  • Broham

    Your page is hard to read with the grid background :-/