Wingfest is Less Then a Week Away!

Wingfest is Less Then a Week Away!

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Did you get your tickets yet for the first Annual Brew City Wingfest?! No? Well what the heck are you waiting for!?

Just go to BrewCityWingFest.Com and get your ticket now.

All of the info is on their website.

$30 for all you can eat wings, and all you can drink Horny Goat Beer, plus a $10 Potawatomi Casino voucher is a spectacular deal.

aWingThing.Com is an official sponsor of the event so of course we will have our entire crew there and we will be shooting the official video for the event. So make sure if you see us stop and say hi and you could make it into video. We will also be giving away aWingthing.Com shirts and stickers.

We are super pumped for the event. We hope to see you there!

  • Chad

    Does anyone plan to actually list the restaurants that are participating before this event takes place? The website initially said “over 40 restaurants”, now it says “over 20 restaurants”. This whole thing seems badly put together. It seems crazy to not have the restaurants listed less than a week before the event. Please fill us in with this information if you can. I may actually go if I know who is going to be serving wings there. Thanks.

  • Mel ‘Boneyard’ Russell

    Hey Chad, the event is really coming together. One dude, Roman, is organizing this whole thing and he’s been crazy busy trying to get this to happen for all of us wing fans. I’ll talk to him and get the list from him as soon as he as time. He’s going to be on Fox 6 news and WISN tomorrow and he may have a list on there, so maybe keep an eye out for that.

    I have faith that he’s going to pull this off. And really for $30 ($20 if you just turn around and cash your casino voucher in for cash which you can do) for all you can eat wings and beer is a really good deal even if there’s isn’t 40 places. I know there are a bunch of our favorites going to be there though.

    I’ll let you know what I find out.


  • Chad

    Thanks Mel, I’ll keep an eye on your website. Appreciate it. Hope it goes well for everyone involved!

  • Mel ‘Boneyard’ Russell

    Hey Chad, I talked to Roman and the list of places will be on the site tonight. So stay tuned. I’m not sure if you got your ticket yet but they are almost sold out. He sold almost 600 tickets on Monday alone. He did say on the Fox 6 Interview that there will be 20 places.

    We’re super excited and getting prepped for the event!

  • mike

    FYI, Production as started, Real Boneless Wings are now market ready. Now were not talking make believe. These are real wings with no bones. The bones are removed and the wings are intact there are no added fillers or flavors, all natural 100% real wings.
    The most awesome thing ever!!!!!!

  • Mel ‘Boneyard’ Russell

    Is there a website for these or anything?