Stubby’s Pub & Grub – Milwaukee, Wi

Stubby’s Pub & Grub – Milwaukee, Wi

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Stubby’s has become somewhat  of a staple among the aWingThing crew for many reasons. Check out the review below to find out what keeps bringing us back.

This is a review I’ve been meaning to do for a very long time. You may have seen my posts on Facebook about them. I LOVE this place. Not just because of their killer wings, but everything about it. Stubby’s Pub & Grub is located just south of North Ave on the Humboldt Bridge. When you walk inside you get the feeling that this a place you can just kick back and relax. In the summer the have a sweet outdoor patio that sits high above the river that is perfect for that cool night dinner or weekend brunch. The big wrap-around bar surrounds one of the best parts of Stubby’s, the 53 different beers on tap from not only Wisconsin and the U.S, but around the world. And the staff knows their beer so don’t hesitate to ask about a certain beer you have never had before. If you pay attention to their Facebook, you can find out when they have special tappings of limited edition brews from around the world. But that’s not the only special thing about this place. The food is OUTSTANDING. I’ve been there many times since it opened and have never been disappointed with anything I’ve ordered off the menu. Even when they changed chef’s late this past summer, the menu’s got an upgrade. Still the great quality with even tastier selections. I can’t say enough good things about the staff they have. Probably top 3 in the most friendly restaurant staff I’ve encountered. There’s been many nights my friends and I have just hung out at the bar and shot-the-breeze with the bartenders and tried different beers. It’s a big reason why I don’t stay local and make the drive from Germantown all the way to Stubby’s for a beer.

Stubby's Pub & Grub

Ok so enough with me talking about how much I love Stubby’s. This is a wing site. So you want to hear about their wings right? Right. Every Monday night they have their  $.50 cent wing special. They also do a special sauce. The chef comes up with some crazy sauce that you sometimes wouldn’t expect to be on a wing. I can’t think of any off the top of my head but I do remember something with ginger craziness and red pepper something or another. They also participated in The First Annual Brew City Wing Fest and from what I heard from talking to people, got very good reviews. The wings themselves are above average in size but cooked just right and with a good quality wing. The skin has just the right amount of crisp and the meat is tender but with a good chew to it as Mel would put it. Their everyday sauces are BBQ, Buffalo and Honey Habanero. I’m going to stay away from the BBQ review, not because its a bad sauce (its really good in fact), but because we don’t focus on BBQ style wings here. The Buffalo on the other hand is F*CK*NG SPECTACULAR. Probably one of the best buffalo sauces we have had anywhere. Mel was trying to get through his other wings just so he could enjoy the buffalo sauce. It has just the right amount of heat you would expect from a good buffalo sauce. Last is the Honey Habanero. It is a great sweet and sticky sauce. I personally like it a lot but kind of wish it was hotter. I would compare it to Asian Zing from BW3s. I would like to feel the heat from the habanero compliment the awesome sweetness that it already has.

Do you think you have what it takes to take on Stubby’s Wing Challenge? Do you think you can eat 53 wings in 53 minutes? HA I dare you. If I remember correctly, only 3 have conquered the challenge, with the highest being 63 I believe. I bet you think 53 isn’t shit. Go try.

Tell them we sent you.

There’s my review on Stubby’s Pub & Grub. Its been a long time coming. I love this place. Plain and simple. I recommend it to everyone I talk to. I’ve had many friends and family members tell me how much they loved this place and it makes me happy. Stubby’s is a great place with great food and awesome people. Shout out to Brad, Tom and Rachel. I’ll see you guys soon.

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