Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pub – Wing Review

Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pub – Wing Review

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Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pub wears it’s PBR colors loud and proud. So is this a hipster hang-out trying to be a wing joint or a wing joint that just loves it’s hipster suds?

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When the gang decides to go out for wings, it’s sometimes preplanned, sometimes on an invite from a chef or owner, and sometimes just the demand of a empty stomach. Our visit to Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pub was the latter. And even on a whim we come out in force. Almost the whole gang made it and when we all eventually arrived we made our presence known by making ourselves at home and rearranging the bar area to accommodate our large group. The cool thing about this place is that doing so was perfectly ok. This is no stuffy foodie, gastro-pub, with Wagyu burgers topped with foie gras kinda joint, but rather a corner pub that makes you feel like a regular as soon as you walk in, with a nice clean, inviting atmosphere. The music may be a tad loud (yes, I know I sound like an old guy), but the elbow room, overhead garage door windows, the over abundance of Tall-Boys, and friendly waitresses make this a place you just feel like hanging out at. Definitely a must for a wing joint.

jackson's blue rribbon pub awingthingSo you know the place has PBR, it’s clean, and a sweet place to hang out, but how are the wings? After-all they have a bar bus outside that says they have the best wings in town. They have to at least be good, right? The menu says they have four sauces, Mild, Medium, Hot, and Tough Guy. Four sauces is enough variety for me, but just for kicks I asked our awesome waitress if there were any sauces that they have that might not be on the menu. After disappearing into the kitchen to ask the cook she informed us they also have a Sriacha, Italian, and a Garlic Parm. We placed an order of over 100 wings and proceeded to put down a few tall-boys.

Our wings came out in a respectable amount of time for the amount of wings we ordered. Plus the beer was flowing, so who was noticing anyway. The first thing that struck me, just as any place that fries then grills their wings, is how good they looked. The extra char that the grill adds immediately makes them look more appetizing to me, versus just a fried and sauced wing.jackson's blue ribbon pub wings

So first off, let me cover the sauces with a blanket statement. They were all good. We all really thought that the sauces were on point and not one was “bad”. The Sriacha and Hot were the stand outs of the bunch though in my opinion. The rest were typical of their name, but in a good way. So nothing Earth shattering here, but for good all-around sauces, Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pub hits the mark.

Size wise they were just right. Not giant. Not tiny. Like the Goldilocks would say, they were just right.

Ultimately what holds these wings back was the doneness. So I mentioned before that the wings were fried then grilled, which usually equals a standout wing, but in the case of Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pub, they didn’t quite have the crispiness that we come to expect from a wing prepared this way. Yes, the exterior skin had the nice char and flavor but the inside, while fully cooked, were slightly rubbery and not enough fat was rendered during either part of the cooking. Usually frying and then grilling renders out more of the fat in the wing then just frying, achieving an amazingly crispy and meaty wing. Places like Points East, Johnny Hammers, and Club Girabaldi are perfect examples of amazing wings prepared this way. Ever the critics and ever the helpful chaps, we let our fantastic waitress know what we thought and she quickly relayed our message to the chef. A few minutes later he greeted us at our table to get some feedback. Again, we expressed to him that we thought all the sauces were good (no complaints) but the wings just needed to be cooked a little longer to render a little bit more of that fat. The chef (I don’t recall his name unfortunately) was really cool and appreciative of the feedback. That’s a great sign in my eyes. Because if he can get that cooking technique dialed in just a little more he is going to have one of the best wings in the area. Couple that with a great atmosphere, buckets-o-Tallboys and Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pub easily has the potential to be on our top 10 list.

We haven’t been back as a group since we did our review a few months ago to see if he took our advice and adjusted the cooking at all, but I’m hopeful he has. We will definitely have to stop in in the near future to see if they’ve been improved on. Keeping our fingers crossed.

Have you been in to Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pub recently and tried the wings? They’re located at 11302 W. Bluemound Rd. Wauwatosa, WI 53226 (Phone:414-988-4485) Think they’ve made any changes or do you think they are perfect the way they are?

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