MIGHTY WINGS!!!! – McDonalds

MIGHTY WINGS!!!! – McDonalds

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Mighty Wings huh? That’s what McDonalds calls them. All my nightmares came true when I found out that McDonalds was going to throw their hat in the chicken wing game.

I mean WTF?? You don’t go to Mcdonalds for wings. You go there for Egg McMuffins and Big Macs and anything on the dollar menu when you are going home after bar close on Milwaukee’s eastside. Not Mighty Wings. I guess Ronald McClownyFace tried to have wings on their menu back in the late 80s or early 90s (were they Mighty Wings back then or didn’t they have might yet?) for a short time and it didn’t work. What makes them think it would work now? With so many fast food joints like KFC, Dominos, and Pizza Hut offering wings, it seems a little late. Are these Mighty Wings better late than never? We found out.Mighty Wings McDonalds

Not everyone can get these Mighty Wings yet, and I hope you don’t. The Atlanta and Chicago areas were chosen to test them out. On our way home from Cleveland, Joe, Hayes, Adam (Joes Bro-in-law) and myself pulled into a rest stop that had a McDonalds in it that just happen to have MightyWings. So naturally we ordered up a batch. They come breaded with a salty and lightly spicy seasoning on them. They look alot like a KFC wings. They dont have special sauces for their wings, just the sauces that they offer for the McNuggets. As much as I hate to say it, McDonalds Spicy Buffalo sauce is actually really good. It’s my go to sauce if I order nuggets. Anyway, when we got our batch, they came out not so hot. Kind of like they have been sitting there for awhile. Typical McDonalds. They look pretty big, but looks can be deceiving. The breading made them look twice as big as they really were. There was so much crunch that it masked the texture of the chicken. Well, what little dry chicken there really was under the mountain of breading. Also, $3.19 for three and $4.99 for five wings is ridiculous when you can get 20 nuggets for $5.

Mighty Wings insideMr. McDonalds…just stop. Stick to what you know. Stay away from the chicken wing game. You have your weird shaped nuggets and McDoubles. You are being a poser. Kind of like a cocky rich kid with a Ferrari who shows up to a track just to get his doors blown off by a bunch of rednecks with 80s Mustangs and Camaros. Like bringing a Toyota  Prius to a NASCAR race. Worse than getting a lap dance from a pregnant stripper. Or Paying to see the new Jason Statham flick to find out you walked into the next High School Musical movie IN 3D on accident and your girlfriend wont let you leave. They are like the Cleveland Browns of wings. Like showing up to a gun fight with a Hello Kitty bubble gun. Worse than the American version of Top Gear.

To end this review, all I have to say is…… Go home McDonalds. You’re Drunk





  • Dano727


  • L Daniel Pompa

    Well said!!!!

  • wingjudge

    “As much as I hate to say it” Really unbiased. Thanks. LOL

  • Patrick

    your a clown worse review ever!

  • Damon L. Morton

    I was a HUGE fan of the Mighty Wing when they came out back in the 90’s. Man those things were so crispy. Lightly breaded with an awesome mix of seasoning. But this new bullsh!t they put out pissed me off! I bought 10 for 12 bucks thinking I was going to be getting the old wings. NOPE WRONG! What I got was an over breaded, over seasoned, over salted, heavy greased 10 piece of crap! I really don’t like them is what I’m getting at here. Oh and on a side note, I went to St.Maartin for my honeymoon in 2010 and there just happened to be a McDonald’s there. This McDonald’s sold the original Mighty Wings. So I’ve had them fairly recently. Well recently enough to remember what they’re supposed to be like.

  • Jim

    These wings are awesome. The best thing on the menu. Much better than those pigeon sized wings they serve at Buffalo Wild Wings.