Lucky’s Irish Pub and Grill – Wing Review

Lucky’s Irish Pub and Grill – Wing Review

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Lucky’s on Layton has $.50 wings every day of the week. Is this just a good deal on killer wings, or just a deal?

Doing Wingfest is definitely a benefit to the wing places out there as far as we’re concerned. For one, it gets you in front of us and pretty much moves you up our list of places we want to review. But getting us there is only half the battle. So a few weeks ago we decided to go out and do a wing review and we decided we wanted to go to a place that A) Participated in Wingfest, and B) Was somewhere in the Milwaukee area. After much discussion we decided on Lucky’s On Layton. One of the things that drew us to Lucky’s was the allure of $.50 wings EVERY NIGHT! That is huge. I mean, sure we all love a good deal on a wing night, but we LOVE having “wing night” prices every day of the week. Now that is a sweet (and spicy) deal!

The crew consisted of myself (Mel), Jer, Nick, Harold, Dan L, Kim, and Colin, and we arrived at abut 7:30. Looking at the address,  789 W Layton Ave Milwaukee, WI 53221, I could not think of where this place was (even though I grew up in this area) when I saw the address. When we pulled up I immediately remembered that this place was a Ponderosa Sizzler probably 15+ years ago. It was a place called Big Alke’s after that. It was pretty busy that night, but there is a lot of space in Lucky’s so finding a table for our large group was not a problem. There’s definitely a lot of Irish decor around the bar and it looks clean and taken care of. Two things stood out to me most about Lucky’s. One, the music was loud. Now, that is not a terrible thing, but it’s definitely a place that is a little harder to hold a casual conversation in. And Two, there was a very diverse crowd. That’s a very good thing in my opinion. That means that people from all walks of life can come here and feel comfortable. Stuffy, Lucky’s is not. Balancing act at Lucky's Our cool waitress at Lucky's

Once we all arrived, had our drinks, we placed out order. Here’s another really cool thing about Lucky’s, you can order wings in small increments like 2 or 3 or 4. Now if you are a one kinda flavor guy and just want the biggest pile of wings you can wrap your thumb, index and middle finger around, then that might not be that exciting. But if you are like me and you like to sample a bunch of flavors and only eat a dozen wings at most then this is a huge. After years of doing aWingThing this is literally the only place I’ve been to that lets you do this. Awesome! Between us all we ordered every wing on the menu including Guinness BBQ, Hot Buffalo, Teritaki, Jerk, House (a mix of three sauces), Garlic Parm. and Extreme Heat. I got 3 Spicy Buffalo, 3 Tereyaki, and 3 Jerk. Cool. The wings came out super quick and really hot. The wings are fried only, and from our experience lately this can make the wing hit or miss. In Lucky’s case they were just right. The were hot and crispy on the outside and cooked perfectly on the inside. The size of the wing was average, in a good way, especially for a place that has $.50 wings on the daily. You’d expect them to be smaller than average but that was not the case. Just right by our standards.

On to the sauces. Here’s the thing, all the sauces offered are your standard fair wing sauces. No crazy Peanut Butter and Jelly wing or some insane Naga Viper Sauce and that sums up the sauces themselves. All of the sauces were just right. The Buffalo was spicy, buttery and full of flavor, the Teriyaki was sweet and sticky, the Jerk while I feel should have been much hotter, had just the right amount of true jerk flavor. The Guinness BBQ tasted as it sounds, and the House tasted just like it was a mix of three sauces. The Extreme Heat was definitely hot, but it wasn’t so hot that you couldn’t eat them. They actually had a very good flavor. Most of the time a bars super hot wing sis just hot and not all that tasty. And while this may sound like sort of a disappointment, let me tell you it is not. Basically the sauces are exactly what you want them to be. Nothing more. Nothing less. If I was Goldilocks they would be the last bowl of porridge and they’d be juuuuust right. The one exception to the sauces being just right was the Garlic Parm. The consensus was that it smelled really good, just like BW3’s actually, but lacked flavor. It was a real disappointment to the Garlic Parm lovers of the group. But 6 out of the 7 of the sauces meeting our standards is pretty darn good.

So many wings at Lucky's So all in all we liked Lucky’s on Layton. If you’re looking for crazy wing flavors and a quite place to hang out then this isn’t the place for you. But if you want a good deal, on good wings, in a up-beat casual atmosphere then Lucky’s on Layton is just the spot you want to be. The small increments are also a huge plus for people that like to try a variety of sauces like myself without having to order a huge pile of wings.

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    It used to be the sizzler not ponderosa!

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