Abdominal and The Obliques – A Brief History of the Chicken Wing

Abdominal and The Obliques – A Brief History of the Chicken Wing

What do you get when you combine the love of music, an obsession over chicken wings, and an empty stomach? I’m pretty sure you get Abdominal and The Obliques – A Brief History of the Chicken Wing!

Rapper Abdominal out of Toronto Canada has a serious obsession over chicken wings. So much so that he was compelled enough to make an entire, amazing song all about everyone’s favorite appetizer and/or meal. Off of the Album Sitting Music in collaboration with duo The Obliques, the song A Breif History of the Chicken Wing cleverly walks you through the now famous story of how the owner of the Anchor Bar in Buffalo New York came up with the recipe, essentially out of necessity for her hungry customers. The hook itself is enough to make your mouth water and want to hop in your car and hit up your favorite Wing Joint.

A Brief History of the Chicken WingThe video for A Brief History of the Chicken Wing was a collaborative effort between Abdominal, The Obliques, a gang of Toronto Film Students, and Directed by their teacher Jeff Hanley, Produced by Sonni Nolan. The film students actually had the very challenging task of having to go down to The Anchor Bar itself to get the shots for the video. I’m sure that was very rough on them. *sarcasm* Ab Dominal himself made the wings you see being tossed and sauced during the hook. The crowd scene was shot at the artists favorite Wing Joint, Hurricane’s in Toronto.

I have to commend the group for their efforts, not only is the subject matter near and dear to my heart (errrr actually my stomach) but they actually pull off a catchy, original, well thought out little jam that, in my opinion should be played at least once at every wing night, at every wing place around the Country, and Canada. The song is dope and it fits in perfectly with the wing atmosphere. So go download A Brief History of the Chicken Wing on iTunes, if you’re a bar/restaurant owner put it in your juke box at your bar, send it to a friend, and enjoy over a pile of your favorite wings.

Here’s the video!