Brewski’s Sports Club – Wing Review

Brewski’s Sports Club – Wing Review

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The wings at Brewski’s Sports Club proves once again that West Allis is the hot spot for awesome wings in Milwaukee!

EDIT:  It’s been brought to my attention that Brewski’s is not actually in West Allis. I live right in the area and unfortuntely just assumed it was. So even though Brewski’s isn’t directly helping my case of West Allis being the wing hub of Milwaukee, it’s close enough to the rest of the West Allis wing joints that it still helps out the West side of Milwaukee as a whole.

I’ve mentioned in past reviews and on our Facebook page that it is my opinion that West Allis is the chicken wing capitol of the Milwaukee area. Between Tomken’s, Johnny Hammers, and Magoo’s that’s already a strong list. And now I’ll add Brewski’s to that list, further proving my point. We’ve received some requests via our website asking us to try Brewski’s Spot Club for quite a while, and they have also participated in Milwaukee Wingfest so it was just a matter of time before we got over there to do a wing review. I’ve actually been to Brewski’s well before the review happened so going into the review I knew exactly what to expect. And this being my third visit I was again seriously happy with the wings. brewski's sports club collin

Brewski’s Sport Club is in a prime location right off of Bluemound Road on 76th street. The parking lot is a little funny, read a PITA, but with street parking the parking isn’t really an issue. First and foremost Brewskis is a Sports Club and it’s obvious as soon as you walk in. The amount of flat Screen TV’s is wildly impressive for a “non-chain” sports bar. In fact they were voted Runner-Up for Best Sports Bar in Milwaukee for 2012 by WISN. So if your goal is to go to a local bar with tons of TV’s to catch a game, this is will fit the bill perfectly.

But we don’t review sports bars based on how great of sports bars they are. We review wings. So how are the wings? Glad you asked. brewski's sports club waiterBrewski’s fry’s, then grills their wings. By now you know that we are huge fans of wings cooked twice. Again, it makes for a crispier wing with more fat rendered out and fuller flavored sauces. Brewski’s Sports Bar  does everything right in the cooking method department. The wings are expertly cooked to have that crisp grilled exterior, and tender perfectly cooked interior. Getting that extra grill also really highlights the flavors of the spices in the sauces. Speaking of sauces, the sauces at Brewski’s are just as good as the cooking method itself. While nothing Earth shattering here (if you are lookin for a peanut butter, lychee, and habenaro flavored sauce this isn’t the place for you) flavor wise, there is one stand-out flavor that I feel I need to put front and center and that’s their Hot Ranch Wing. It’s basically a Buffalo Wing with Ranch mixed in with the Buffalo sauce. It doesn’t make it creamy at all, just adds the flavors of the spices that Ranch brings to the table. I am actually not a fan of ranch on my wings. I NEVER get it on the side to dip in. But the combination of these flavors, combined with the flawless cooking method and the layer of flavor the grill adds, makes these possibly one of my favorite flavored wings in the entire city of Milwaukee. They are just perfect in my opinion. I don’t going throw those words around lightly. The rest of the wings are also on point with just one “ok” sauce. Joe Shea though the Hot BBQ was “good” and was “sweeter” but had some “zest”. Pretty much what you want out of a Hot BBQ wing. Then they brought us out their special Ghost Pepper Wings and they are exactly as you imagine they are…HOT. The Ghost Peppers add a nice smokey-ness to the wings but there’s no getting around how hot they are. The nice thing about them is they aren’t quite as acidic as really hot sauces made with habenaros can be. The rest of the sauces are exactly what you are looking for as far as flavor. The one exception, and really the only disappointment was the Thai Chili. It’s just bland. But that’s actually typical for most places. I’ve yet to find a place that has a killer, salty, spicy, Thai Chili or Asian wing.

There you go. More proof that West Allis  the West  side of Milwaukee is the hub for great wings in the city of Milwaukee. There’s no denying the quality of the wings at Brewski’s Sports Bar and I’ll put Brewski’s wings up there with the rest of my favorite wings in Milwaukee. The Hot Ranch are indeed the stand out for me, and after having them 3 or 4 times now the consistency is there as well. It’s almost Packer season and if you’re looking for a great place to watch the game, and grab some killer wings Brewski’s Sports Bar should be at the top of your list.

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