Knucklehead Pub & Grub – Wing Review

Knucklehead Pub & Grub – Wing Review

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These perfectly cooked wings make the drive to Knucklehead Pub & Grub in Eagle a worthwhile trip!

The great thing about Milwaukee Wingfest is getting to try so many great wings in one place. The problem with working Milwaukee Wingfest is you don’t get to sit and savor all these great wings. It does however give us an opportunity to talk to the restaurant owners about their wings and at least get a taste of what they offer. The owner of Knucklehead Pub & Grub, Scott, had been asking us to come try his wings for well over a year by the time we finally got out there. Since the majority of the gang lives in the Milwaukee area we needed the planets to align just right to get us all to make the trip to Eagle and give his award winning wings a shot. That happened to fall on a Wednesday over the Summer. Knucklehead Pub & Grub menu

When we arrived I was immediately surprised by the size of the place. Not only is the bar itself huge there’s an equally impressive outside patio that looks like it would be a blast on a busy Friday or Saturday night. The bar sports a motorcycle motif and is covered from top to bottom in wood. It’s just the kind of place you want to go with the guys, eat wings with reckless abandon and slam some beers. We certainly accomplished those tasks on our visit.

First up is how the wings are cooked. As you know I’m a huge fan of the two step process of frying then grilling the wings. That’s exactly how Knucklehead Pub & Grub cooks ‘ em and they cook ‘ em to absolute perfection. Knucklehead Pub & Grub may have served us a table of THE most perfectly consistently cooked wings we’ve ever had. Usually when we order so many wings there’s a pretty large range of how the wings are cooked. Some are not as crispy while some are too crispy. Not at Knuckleheads. A whole. Giant. Table. Of perfectly cooked wings. On a scale of 1 to 10 on how well they were cooked I’d give them a 9.8.

awingthing-at-knuckleheads-013Second are the sauces. There are a very satisfying 10 flavors of wings sauces on the menu including Naked, Stadium BBQ, Fajita, Mild, Thai Chili, Garlic Ranch, Jerk, Medium, Hot, and Atomic. Between the whole group I’m pretty sure we ordered every flavor. I ordered 10 each of the Hot, Medium, and Jerk. I’m a big Jerk fan, but really haven’t found a true jerk wing that tastes like the Jerk in Jamaica, but I usually like to give it a shot. The Medium was damn near perfect. It was exactly what you want out of a Medium Buffalo style wing. Lots of vinegar and the right amount of heat. These are the type of wings that you can eat all day long and not get sick of. The Hot echoes the Medium as far as the flavor, but the heat is kicked up just enough that they get your nose running. I like a good ol’ Hot Buffalo style wing with the right amount of heat and these fit the bill to a T. The Jerk were a nice surprise. My biggest complaint with Jerk wings at places is they get close to the right spices but they almost always puss out on the heat. I know the reason is that customers like the spices, and they are a good seller so they tend to make them on the super mild side of the heat scale to satisfy the everyday Joe. But REAL Jerk is HOT. It’s like sweating and uncomfortable hot. Knuckleheads delivered the right amount of spices and while they had some heat, they could definitely use more heat. I’d say though that these were possibly THE best Jerk wings I’ve had anywhere. The grilling really, REALLY makes them taste more authentic. Just a couple notches up the heat scale and these would be on another level. Another highlight from the list was the Fajita. You just don’t see wings with Mexican spices out there. Don’t ask me why, you just don’t. These really did taste like a sizzling plate of chicken fajitas minus the peppers and the molten hot cast iron skillet. These are one of the more unique wings you’ll order anywhere and I highly recommend them. The rest of the flavors were all spot on and hit the mark.

You can’t ask for much more out of a wing place; clean, comfortable digs, friendly owner and staff, perfectly cooked wings and a wide range of sauces. If I lived in the Eagle area I’d be at this place on a regular basis. I’m slightly jealous of the folks that live out in that area. Knucklehead Pub & Grub is absolutely worth the trip out to Eagle if you live in the Milwaukee area and if you live in the Eagle area you should make Knucklehead Pub & Grub a regular stop.




Tuesday: All you can eat wings $9.95 – Thursday: 45 cent wings (dine in), 10 cents extra per wing (carryout)

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