About aWingThing

A Little History About aWingThing

aWingThing.com was founded in 2010 by a group of friends with an obsession for chicken wings. Our seemingly endless search for the perfect wing has brought us to numerous restaurants, bars, and hole in the wall wing joints around Milwaukee, WI, Illinois, and Michigan. We have made it our mission to find the Holy Grail of wing. That perfect wing concoction that makes you just want to do cartwheels. So in our tireless effort to find that perfect wing, you’ll find us scouring the earth for what we find to be the best wing, sauce, cooking technique or whatever it is that makes a special wing. In our adventures we hope to find awesome wing joints, the best recipes, shoot some videos so you can have as much fun with these places as we do, and have a great time doing it. Whether it be frying or grilling them up 100 at a time in the back yard, or taking a road trip to the middle of nowhere because we got wind of some dive with good wings. We know its aWingThing.

How we rate ’em

We rate wing joints based on 5 categories, which we think are the most important aspect of good wings and good places to enjoy wings. Each category is rated on a 5 star rating system. Our Certified Wing Joints are places that have received 4 Stars or higher!

aWingThing.com Rating System

  • Sauces – It’s all about the sauces, isn’t it? Whether they’re mild and sweet, or send-us-to-the-bathroom-to-cry-in-the-mirror hot, we love them all. As long as they’re good, that is!
  • Cooking Method – Wings don’t just come fried! Fried, grilled, baked or marinated? Yes please!
  • Variety – Sometimes a place only needs one amazing sauce to win us over. But more often than not WE WANT VARIETY. Each of us have our preferences, and the joint should satisfy all our wing needs under one roof.
  • Size – Size does matter. Not like that perverts. A lot of places talk about having Jumbo Wings, but that’s not really our thing. Most of us prefer a medium sized wing offering a higher sauce to meat ratio. Giant wings taste too chicken-y to most of us, but if there’s the perfect HUMUNGOUS wing out there, we’ll let you know.
  • The Joint Itself – Is it a total dive or an immaculate wing palace? Either is fine with us, as long as it’s kinda clean, and the staff is nice and friendly. We don’t need to eat our wings at a 5 star restaurant to enjoy em.

Now, let’s meet the aWingThing gang!

Mel Russell

Age: 32ish
Nickname: Boneyard aka Melly Mel
Role: Founder, Over-all Design, Website Design, Brand Identity, Wing Eater
Occupation: Photographer/ Web Developer
Favorite Place for Wings: Sweet Water Detroit Favorite Sauce: Spicy Garlic (BW3’s)
Favorite Food thats not wings: STEAK, Crab, Home Made Ramen, or whatever I make at home
Other Interests: My family and friends, art, photography, pool, video games

Dave Lorino

Nickname: PHD
Role: Facebook Whore, Writer, WingForce Intelligence
Occupation: Professional Home Remodeler & Bad Ass
Favorite Place for Wings: Stubbys Pub n Grub
Favorite Sauce: Stinger at Tomkens
Favorite Food that’s not wings: Pasta
Other Interests: Cars, Racing, Music (Dubstep, House, Electro, DnB), cooking/grilling

Dan Hayes

Age: 25
Nickname: WingReaper, Hayes
Role: WingForce Intelligence and Scouting Director
Occupation: Perfect Binding Operator
Favorite Wing Joint: Sweetwater Detroit, MI
Favorite Sauce: Magoo’s Tough Guy, Legend Larry’s Medium and Hot Garlic, and Bw’3s Spicy Garlic
Favorite Food that’s not wings: Steak and Potatoes
Other Interests: Cars, Motorcycles, Autox, Road Racing, Music, chilling with the homies and having some beers, Grand-Am Series, Guns, Golf

Collin Galanski

Age: 24ish
Role: Director of Communications
Occupation: Mechanical Engineer
Favorite Place for Wings: Sweetwater (Detroit, MI)
Favorite Sauce: Arizona Ranch
Other Interests: Movies, photography and anything Wisconsin

Adam O’Lena

Age: 25ish
Nickname: O’Lena
Role: Consuming lots of wings all over the world
Occupation: Aircraft Mechanic for Uncle Sam
Favorite Place for Wings: Still undecided
Favorite Sauce: Magoo’s Tough Guy, Legend Larry’s Scary Larry, Off the clock Spicy Garlic
Favorite Food that’s not wings: Anything that once lived and breathed
Other Interests: Cars, Guns, the bigger the louder the better. Oh, and Defending Freedom and what not.

Nick Collura

Age: 29ish
Nickname: Q
Role: Rookie Winger point of view. Photo/Video gear head. Web dude.
Occupation: Freelance Photographer & Cinematographer.
Favorite Place for Wings: Club Garibaldi’s
Favorite Sauce: BW3’s Parmigian Garlic & Asian Zing
Favorite Food that’s not wings: Pizza
Other Interests: Photo/Video, Sport Bike Racing, Cars. Oh, and building computers. No, I will not fix your computer.

Harold McDonald

Age: 33
Nickname: The Wingspector
Role: Wing Consumer, Promotion, Audio
Occupation: Building Inspector
Favorite Place for Wings: Magoo’s
Favorite Sauce: Buffalo Sings the Blues (Tomkens)
Favorite Food that’s not wings: Pizza and steak
Other Interests: Camping, fishing, cars, and my family

Dan Latrhop

Age: 29ish
Nickname: Saturn Dan, Slim Wing
Role: Wing Consumer, Audio
Occupation: Transmission Tear Down Expert
Favorite Place for Wings: Stubby’s Pub and Grub
Favorite Sauce: Stubby’s Buffalo
Favorite Food that’s not wings: Pizza and Beer
Other Interests: Cars, Racing, Music, Volleyball