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Congrats to Legend Larry’s

Legend Larry’s won two more awards this year at the National Buffalo Wing Festival in NY! DOA took first in the extra hot category and Smoky bacon BBQ won second in the creative BBQ category. Smokey Bacon BBQ is a new flavor they have coming out. Anything with Bacon or Bacon flavor is ok in my book. I may actually have to try a BBQ flavor. Again congrats to Legend...

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Benders Sports Pub – West Bend WI

A few months ago I took a new job in West Bend, WI, about 45 minutes to an hour from my house. It’s quite a commute but the job has been worth it. One thing I love about working or living in a new area is trying out all the local restaurants and bars. I’ve found a couple little gems out here and a couple places that were so-so. Obviously my main goal was to find a good wing place. There’s a Buffalo Wild Wings just about 5 min away, but I go to the one down the road from my house enough. I wanted to find a local joint that impressed me. I asked a few co-workers if...

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DORITOS® 2nd Degree Burn Fiery Buffalo

Who doesn’t like Doritos? I don’t think I ever met a man, nor do I think I want to, who doesn’t like’em. On my way up north last weekend I stopped at the gas station to grab the obligatory road snack; beef jerky, Cherry Coke, and some kind of chips. I love gas stations because they always have stuff you’ve never seen/had. I actually had seen the 3st Degree Doritos in the past, but hadn’t come across the 2nd Degree Burn Fiery Buffalo. Right up my alley! Right off the bat I’m going to tell you I think these chips are awesome. I’ve always been amazed the way chip makers can make something taste EXACTLY like what it’s supposed...

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Mitchell’s Hilltop Pub & Grill Part Deux

If you recall a few of the guys stopped at Mitchell’s Hilltop Pub and Grill back in June and Dave wrote a raving review about how good the wings were. Funny thing is my wife and I have stopped at Mitchell’s in the past on our way up to the north woods of WI. We were impressed with the food we had there as well, but we just had a sandwich and soup.No wings. Well this past weekend my wife and I headed back up north and decided we were going to stop there for lunch so I could try their wings out myself and give a second opinion. We arrived around 1pm on Sat and were seated in...

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Habanero’s Mexican Kitchen-Brown Deer, WI

Danny, Kim, Hayes and I hit up Habanero’s in Brown Deer for dinner before heading out to Slinger Speedway last week. You don’t really expect a Mexican restaurant to have wings, but there they were. So I figured I’d order up some for shits and giggles. These wings came out drenched in a brown type of sauce with a small side of dipping sauce. Smelled good, but that was about it. The flavor of the sauce was bland and just bad. I couldn’t even distinguish any type of discernible flavor. The closest thing I could think of is its like the poured hot sauce and salsa in a pan, burned it, and then dumped it all over some wings....

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The Hairy Lemon – The worst wings I ever had

A few months ago my wife, son and my in-laws headed out to dinner for a fish fry. My father-in-law had a place in mind that he heard was good so we headed that waty. Not surprisingly I had a craving for wings, instead of a fish fry and had it in my head that that’s what I was goign to order if they had them on their menu. A short 15 min drive later and we end up at a place called The Hairy Lemon in Richfield WI. Again he heard about this place because of the fish fry not the wings. One thing I look for when I go into a random bar/restaurant that may have wings...

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Check out our new logo!

Things need to evolve and in order for us to grow our brand further I felt it was time for a more serious logo. The previous logo was literally made in about 15 min and no serious thought was put into it, I just wanted to get the site up and running. So here it is. It’s retro, modern, and not too...

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Leff’s Lucky Town – Wauwatosa

It’s been a while since the gang has all got together for a wing day. A friend of mine from High School, Kyle, happened to be in town though and he said he really wanted to get out and get some wings with us because he digs the site. So a dozen or so texts later to the guys and we were all set for Leff’s Lucky Town on Tuesday night for their wing night. Leff’s has been recommenced to us by a couple people. I actually remember people telling me to go their for wings years ago and I just never made it there for that reason. The last time I was at Leff’s was when I lived...

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