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aWingThing on Kramp Cast – OnMilwaukee.com

We get asked who has the best wings probably more then anything else, and on the Kramp Cast with Brian Kramp of OnMilwaukee a few of us spill the beans on who we think are the best in Milwaukee. The opportunity arose for Myself (Mel), Joe, and Dave to sit down with one of Milwaukee’s best personalities, Brian Kramp who is now rocking out the Kramp Cast Podcast on OnMilwaukee.com. While he’s doing some big interviews the likes of Games of Thrones Stars and TV Show Co-Hosts, he also likes to get the local Milwaukee flavor in there too. We sat down with him and he fired away with the questions. Who has the best wings? What are our...

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D-Spot Wing Review – Maplewood, MN

What makes the girls go crazy?… The D-SPOT! You, as fans and frequent visitors of aWingThing.com, are at a distinct advantage when it comes to learning about the best wing spots around. That’s because we the people of the best wing site in the history of everything love to travel; as evident in my last two reviews. So here we go again, third review, third state. This time, a trip to visit some friends in Minneapolis took us dangerously close to what ended up being one of the most amazing wing joints I’ve had the pleasure of visiting, the D-SPOT in Maplewood, MN. My brother-in-law, Adam, and I couldn’t resist the menu listed on their site and the quick...

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El Camino Surprise Wing Sauce Recipe

The El Camino Surprise Wing Sauce Recipe is sweet with the right amount of heat! I love a sweet and spicy wing. So when my friends and I planned a get together to have wings, I wanted to make something a little bit sweeter to balance out the rest of the hotter sauces we made for that particular night. So I looked in my fridge and concocted the creation I dubbed “El Camino Surprise”. Where did I come up with that name???? I have no idea.   8 oz- Catalina Dressing 1/2 cup- Franks Hot Buffalo 1/3 cup- Ranch Dressing 1/2 tsp- Garlic Powder 1/2 tsp- Paprika 1/2 tbsp- Cajun seasoning 1/4 tbsp- Hot Chili Powder 1/4 tbsp- Cayenne Pepper 1/2 tsp-...

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Tilted Kilt – Green Bay

A cool atmosphere, great wings, and even better outfits. Tilted Kilt hits the spot! Once upon a time, there was a race car. A Dan Hayes race car. Yeah, the same one you’ve heard about. But this is a way better sequel to our Cleveland trip than any of the follow up Twilight movies and still a better love story.  This time the race car took us up to Green Bay to meet a gentleman from Rhinelander that drove a kickass Subaru outback with Hellas and a winch on the front. (not facetious, the thing was cool.) The Green Bay meet point was no accident. It happens to be home of Title Town Brewery who happens to have awesome...

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DIY Belt Loop Paper Towel Holder

Just in time for the 2013 Milwaukee Wingfest aWingThing.com bring you the DIY Belt Loop Paper Towel Holder. Sure, we’ll have enough napkins to wipe your hands, but think about it, in the heat of wing eating battle you have to remember to grab them, stop shoveling wings into your mouth long enough to grab them, hang on to them in your hand or put them in your pocket, and on top of it sometimes a little napkin just won’t cut it when you’re elbow deep in flaming buffalo sauce. Well we have the solution! The DIY Belt Loop Paper Towel Holder. Keep your hands free and your pockets uncluttered with this amazing, high capacity, hand and face De-saucifica-tion Device....

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Spicy Italian Wing Sauce – Dago Sauce

Dago Sauce – Spicy Italian Wing Sauce I came up with this spicy Italian wing sauce, like I do all my sauces, because I wanted to try and make something a little different that you can’t just get anywhere. I’m not professional chef by any means.  I just try to use what I have in my fridge. So one day I came up with what became an AWESOME Italian style sauce with a little bit of kick that has been a hit with my friends since day 1. Why did i call my  spicy Italian wing sauce “Dago Sauce” ?……. Since its an Italian style sauce, and my last name is Lorino; I’m obviously Asian. 8-10 oz – Zesty Italian...

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MIGHTY WINGS!!!! – McDonalds

Mighty Wings huh? That’s what McDonalds calls them. All my nightmares came true when I found out that McDonalds was going to throw their hat in the chicken wing game. I mean WTF?? You don’t go to Mcdonalds for wings. You go there for Egg McMuffins and Big Macs and anything on the dollar menu when you are going home after bar close on Milwaukee’s eastside. Not Mighty Wings. I guess Ronald McClownyFace tried to have wings on their menu back in the late 80s or early 90s (were they Mighty Wings back then or didn’t they have might yet?) for a short time and it didn’t work. What makes them think it would work now? With so many...

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Winking Lizard Tavern – Bedford, Ohio

A quick internet search points us in the direction of Winking Lizard Tavern for good wings in Cleveland. Are they worth the stop on our road trip? Once upon a time, there was a race car. A Daniel Hayes race car. And then, there was a text message. “hey, want to go to Cleveland this weekend?” (I received this just a few days before said weekend)  Being that my whole extended family is in Cleveland, my uncle Tim owns a bar there, and I love getting in to see my cousins, the response was a no brainer, “f@$% yeah… why?” And just like that, we had a plan to hit c-town for a quick two day turn around trip...

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