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Wing Fest Chicago 2013

Wing Fest Chicago 2013 Wing Fest Chicago was held on March February 24th at the Bailey Auditorium in Chicago. This was the 14th year of Wing Fest Chicago and although a couple of us have been to the event in the past we were passed due for another visit. With us as the major sponsor of Milwaukee Wingfest it also serves as a great way for us to get ideas on how to make our event even better. I/we actually had no plans on going until January when we stopped in at Buffalo Wings and Rings on our way home from our Detroit trip. While we were there we had a chance to meet the Manager of the joint...

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Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pub – Wing Review

Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pub wears it’s PBR colors loud and proud. So is this a hipster hang-out trying to be a wing joint or a wing joint that just loves it’s hipster suds? When the gang decides to go out for wings, it’s sometimes preplanned, sometimes on an invite from a chef or owner, and sometimes just the demand of a empty stomach. Our visit to Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pub was the latter. And even on a whim we come out in force. Almost the whole gang made it and when we all eventually arrived we made our presence known by making ourselves at home and rearranging the bar area to accommodate our large group. The cool thing about...

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The Neighbors Bar & Grille – Waukesha

The Neighbors Bar & Grille, where neighbors become friends. But do they make their friends good wings? This is going to be a quick one. Not an elaborate review like I normally do. So here we go. Last week I got a text from my mom telling me she is at this bar up the street from her house called The Neighbors Bar & Grille ( s16w22255 Arcadian Ave Waukesha)and they have wings. So since my mom has gone 1 for 1 in the wing joint suggestions, I felt pretty confident on checking out The Neighbors Bar & Grille. One Thursday night I met up with my mom and her boyfriend Kevin and headed out. The joint itself is...

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Milwaukee Wingfest 2013 at the Milwaukee Harley Museum

aWingThing.com is excited to announce Milwaukee Wingfest 2013 held at the Milwaukee Harley Davidson Museum on April 14th! Every year this event gets bigger and better and Milwaukee Wingfest 2013 will be no exception. With all the wings you can eat and all the beer you can sample, plus live entertainment, contests and an awesome venue located in the heart of Milwaukee, this event is on track to the be the biggest event yet! We are anticipating over 20 local restaurants competing to see who has the best wings in Milwaukee and to see who will be crowned Wing King at Milwaukee Wingfest 2013. Vendors will be able to grill and fry wings right on site ensuring the best wings...

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Timothy O’Toole’s – Gurnee Il

We don’t get down to Illinois for wings often, so when we do we hope we have some good ones. Does Timothy O’Toole’s hit the spot or should we have kept driving? So Collin and I were on our way down to Ikea the other day and decided to make a stop at Timothy O’Toole’s for lunch.  Ive been wanting to check out this place ever since Mel and I had their wings at WingFest in Chicago a couple years back. I actually found their newest location on Grand Ave in Gurnee by accident on my way back from O’Hare Airport a couple weeks back. So when we happened to be in the area, we dropped in for some...

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Coaches Pub & Grill

This is a first for aWingThing. Coaches Pub has us divided. Who liked’em and who thought they were so-so? Below you will see two reviews. One done by myself (Mel), and one done by Dan Hayes. We went to Coaches Pub on two separate occasions with two separate groups of people and came up with two very different results. I loved’em and Dan thought they were below average. So the stars we each would give Coach’s is at the bottom of our reviews, and the stars given for the final numbers are the average of our two reviews. I think another trip with the entire group is diffidently in order here. Mel’s Review of Coach’s I grew up a...

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2012 Milwaukee Wingfest Photo Gallery

The 2012 Milwaukee Wingfest was a huge success this year. It seems like most of the things everyone wanted to see improved last year, were improved on and every year the event is just going to get better and better. Here’s a gallery from the event for your enjoyment. The Harley Museum was home to the largest Wingfest in Milwaukee yet. Over 900 people filled the hall and devoured wings and drank beer like it was their last meal on Earth. aWingThing was on hand with our cameras to catch every exciting, and filling moment. Thanks to Jamie Gellings for the pics! Also, please feel free to leave us some comments about what you would like to see improved...

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Summerfest 2011 – Best Wings

Does Summerfest have a nice variety of amazing wings or was this just a wild goose chase? We brought the whole gang down to Summerfest 2011 with cameras rolling to find out. Summerfest is one of the great things about living in this great city on the shores of Lake Michigan. We’re cooped up all Winter long and once the weather gets nice it seems like everything shifts to the out doors. At the end of June and the World’s Largest Music festival kicks off just when the weather is gettin’ real good in Milwaukee. Henry Maier Park spans 75 acres running along the beautiful shoreline of Lake Michigan. Through the course of two weeks, over 700 bands like...

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