Wing Recipes

Chicken wing recipes and more chicken wing recipes is what you’ll find here.

Obviously we love to eat chicken wings at, but we don’t always just settle on having someone else cook up amazing wing recipes. Sometimes we roll up our sleeves, butcher up a few packages of wings (or we have them butchered for us), and concoct sauces and wing recipes that only our wing obsessed minds can come up with. Being such a large, diverse group of guys (and  gals) we love recipes, sauces, and cooking techniques of pretty much any fashion, from good ol traditional Buffalo, to Sweet BBQ, to sauces so hot it’s hard to find a container that can hold it. We love them all!

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There are tons of amazing chicken wings recipes all over the web that we also like to try out. Think of this place as your chicken wing recipe hub. You’ll find all of our original recipes, and recipes we love from Food Network or other food loving sites right here under one roof. What’s great about our site though, is that if we’re posting one of Emeril Lagesse or Andrew Zimmern, you know it’s Wing Connoisseur approved! You won’t find us just posting any old hot wing recipe. Nothing but the best.

So, keep an eye on this page and for all of the great buffalo, teriyaki, bbq, cajun, fried, baked, grilled, sauted, breaded, naked, hot, mild, and weird wing recipes you can handle.

Do you have a recipe that you think we should try? If it’s an original recipe of your own or one you found online, let us know and we’ll give it a shot and let you know what we thought. We’re always looking for new wing recipes and cooking techniques. Send us a message here.